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Stones / Quarries

The latest news from the Stone Industry


The revised edition of BS 8298 on the use of stone for cladding has been published. It makes designing in stone easier and safer.

6 January 2021 | Stones / Quarries
BS 8298: Code of Practice for the Design & Installation of Natural Stone Cladding & Lining, has been updated, a decade after it was previously amended. It has been one of the most useful...
The Dry Stone Walling Association calendar 2021

The Dry Stone Walling Association calendar this year focuses on the wildlife for which the walling provides shelter and highway.

23 November 2020 | Stones / Quarries
The Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) has once again produced an A4 size wall calendar for the year ahead. They are £7 each. To go to the DSWA shop to buy one, click here. The shop also...
Treleven Haysom

Treleven Haysom probably knows more about Purbeck stone and the industry that extracts and works it than anyone else. Now he has written a book about it.

18 November 2020 | Stones / Quarries
Published by The Dovecot PressAuthor:            Treleven HaysomISBN:                978-0-9955462-...

Those involved in primary extraction of stone are asked to complete the four-yearly survey being conducted by the British Geological Survey by 21 September.

13 September 2020 | Stones / Quarries
The British Geological Survey says response to its request for information for its four-yearly survey about stone being extracted has been small and it asks quarry operators to complete its...
SFGB Quarry Forum

The Quarry Forum is one of the focus groups of Stone Federation Great Britain. For more information about the Quarry Forum email [email protected].

19 June 2020 | Stones / Quarries
With construction activity picking up again, we’re encouraging architects to make a considered effort to select natural stone as their sustainable material of choice. Specifiers are...
Millennium Wall book

Twenty years on and the Dry Stone Walling Association has re-printed its Millennium Wall commemorative book.

22 May 2020 | Stones / Quarries
Twenty years ago we were all relieved to have survived the ‘millennium bug’, which turned out to be a damp squib, unlike the current bug.There were all sorts of celebrations and...
Lee O'Connor

Pictured above is Lee O'Connor, CEO of Grants Group. He, with Glenn Henson, Grants Group Technical Director, and Iain Kennedy, Operations Manager of British quarry operator Blockstone, will answer your questions about British Stone.

25 April 2020 | Stones / Quarries | 2 Comments
We are starting a discussion about British stone. If you have any questions about its use on your building or landscaping projects, post them below on this page (or on LinkedIn here if you want to...
Welsh slate world heritage

The landscape created by the slate industry in north-west Wales is this year's UK submission for designation as a World Heritage Site.

24 January 2020 | Stones / Quarries
The Government has finally put the slate industry of north Wales forward as the UK's nomination to UNESCO as a World Heritagte Site.If accepted it will join sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Grand...
Paul Keyte in Guiting Quarry

Paul Keyte among some of the new blocks of Guiting Gold stone that are being extracted from the Cotswold Quarry.

23 January 2020 | Stones / Quarries
Last year the Johnston Quarry Group brought the major Cotswold quarry of Guiting back into production. NSS visited the quarry to take a look and talk to Operations Director Paul Keyte about the...
Quarry Group

For more information about the Stone Federation’s Quarry Group, email [email protected]

20 December 2019 | Stones / Quarries
The Quarry Group is one of the sector specific groups of Stone Federation Great Britain. It comprises the operators of some of the leading indigenous dimensional stone producers, whose stones have...
Portland mines join up

Albion's mines join up under the island of Portland in  Dorset, where the famous limestone that has built London for 400 years comes from.

1 December 2019 | Stones / Quarries
Albion Stone, which mines limestone from the Dorset island of Portland, has joined up its two Portland Stone mines.The breakthrough between Bowers and Jordans mines, creating one working area,...
Horsham Stone

Horsham District Council, Historic England and SPAB are working to find a new source of Horsham Stone roofing to avoid losing this distinctive local feature of West Sussex. The picture here shows Horsham Stone roofing on Coombes Church. Photo: Richard Crook

31 July 2019 | Stones / Quarries
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), along with conservation firms and other heritage organisations, says there is a crisis of supply of Horsham stone roofing slabs.Horsham...
British Museum Inuksuk

The Inuit Inuksuk created by artist Piita Irniq for the British Museum.

5 June 2019 | Stones / Quarries
It is not every day you get an Inuit artist visit your quarry, but Kentish Ragstone producer Gallagher was delighted to welcome Piita Irniq, who is also an educator and statesman, to its Hermitage...
Wales Seminar

The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, praised the contribution to the principality of minerals extraction when he delivered the keynote speech at the annual Mineral Products Association (MPA) Wales Seminar.

14 May 2019 | Stones / Quarries
The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, praised the contribution to the principality of minerals extraction when he delivered the keynote speech at the annual Mineral Products Association (MPA)...
Welsh slate : Wortld Heritage

Penrhyn Welsh slate quarry in north Wales operated by Welsh Slate, which became part of  Breedon last year as part of Breedon's takeover of the Lagan Group (read more...).

17 January 2019 | Stones / Quarries
Next up for Welsh Slate is consideration as a World Heritage Site, because it is this year's application from the UK to UNESCO's World Heritage Committee. The UK can put forward only one...