Baca robot saws now represented by KMT Waterjet

Robo Sawjet
The American-made Robo SawJet is now being sold in the UK by KMT Waterjet.

Baca, the American-based maker of a saw and waterjet on a robot arm that was being sold by British company LPE Group in Europe and the UK, is now represented by KMT Waterjet.

KMT Waterjet has centres in America, Germany and China and says it is establishing a new company called KMT Waterjet UK. The current contact for the UK is Marketing Director Wolfgang Emrich on / 0049 170 452 2669.

KMT Waterjet is now the single point of contact in Europe and the UK for all Baca Systems’ parts, price quotations and sales orders. Many spare parts are immediately available.

The Robo SawJet is a six-axes programmable saw and abrasive waterjet cutting system. It incorporates lean industrial machine technologies and an intuitive operator interface, where cutting paths are generated with a few clicks of a mouse.

Its compact footprint requiring less space than many saws and its combination of a 20kW direct-drive circular saw for straight cuts and the precision of waterjet cuts for angles and arcs, including tap holes, has attracted attention among worktop fabricators. Baca also has a water filtration and recycling system called Pure.

Baca Systems President Kevin McManus says: “We are excited to be able to provide our customers in the United Kingdom and Europe with the ability to get the spares and service parts they need more quickly.

“Affording our customers easier access to parts and shorter lead times by working directly with KMT Waterjet will enable them to better maintain and support their Baca Systems equipment over the long run.”

KMT Waterjet Systems is a manufacturer of UHP waterjet pumps and components that are integrated into complete waterjet systems through partnerships with a global network of Original Equipment Manufacturers of waterjet machines.

Jeremy Sweet, President of KMT Waterjet, says: “KMT is pleased to support Baca Systems with navigating the Brexit rules in the United Kingdom as we have an established regional office offering our customer service team, aftermarket parts, and field service engineers to provide assistance to end customers.”

Kevin McManus says Baca’s technicians can log into customers’ computers to troubleshoot any issues arising. He says Baca has “highly skilled field service technicians that can be dispatched as necessary to help our customers avoid costly downtime”, although he adds: “We’re proud of the fact, however, that the great majority of customer service requests are resolved remotely, without requiring a site visit.”

Carl Sharkey, who heads the LPE Group previously representing Baca, told Natural Stone Specialist magazine he had probably sold as many of the robot saws as he was likely to.