Rotherham’s robots for sale by Stone Equipment International

Rotherham's T&D robotic production line at Marmo+Mac in Verona in 2017 before being shipped to Yorkshire.

J Rotherham was one of the largest worktop companies in the country with highly mechanised factory production lines when it went into Administration in February this year.

Now five of the robot arms from Rotherham’s Yorkshire factories are being sold by Stone Equipment International (SEI).

They include a two-robot T&D production line with waterjet and saw cutting as well as automatic loading and unloading that cost Rotherham’s £800,000 in 2017. The complete line, including software and tooling, is now being sold for £200,000.

The three other robots of a similar vintage are being sold for around £75,000 each, 75% less than the £292,000 paid for them.

SEI has good connections with T&D, so back-up and servicing will not be an issue.

Stone Equipment International Director Andy Bell says he was approached by the Administrators. “I’ve been doing this job for 30 years, we’re very well known,” he says.

He believes the robot arms will be sold in the UK rather than overseas because there are companies big enough to benefit from them in Britain that will like getting 75% off the price compared with new.

If you are interested, call Andy on  07967 385811 / 01388 488900 or email