Stone Equipment International parts with Emmedue and concentrates on Marmo Meccanica

Andy Bell with Christian Montanari

Andy Bell of Stone Equipment International (left) with Christian Montanari of Emmedue. After 10 years, Stone Equipment International is dropping its representation of Emmedue saws and concentrating on selling Marmo Meccanica edge polishers.

Andy Bell, of machinery and equipment supplier Stone Equipment International, is withdrawing from his 10-year partnership with Emmedue from January 2023.

He says after 10 years representing Emmedue bridge saws in the UK and Ireland he feels it is time to withdraw from the sector.

Andy Says: “I feel I have done enough work to establish Emmedue in the UK as a brand of quality and reliability. I have sold dozens of Emmedue machines. I have had – and still have – a fantastic relationship with Christian Montanari (the Emmedue CEO) and the Emmedue family, which is an absolute priority for me along with our mutual clients here in the UK.

“There will be a smooth transition to a new dealer once Christian has appointed one. I am happy to offer any assistance to the new dealer to make sure Emmedue customers still get the best service possible.”

Christian Montanari told NSS: “I met with Andy last week to say goodbye in a positive way. We have worked together for more than 10 years, and they have been beautiful and intense years where a relationship of seriousness and professionalism has been built that goes beyond work. 

“I would like to thank Andy for helping Emmedue grow in the UK. Now is the time to dedicate time to new challenges. 

“We and Andy will do everything during this transition period in the best way in order to continue to give maximum support to all of our customers in the UK and Ireland. We absolutely want to continue supplying our machines to the UK – it's a good market for us – and we will quickly take a position on the future to find the best way of supporting our customers in the UK and Ireland.”

Andy will continue to sell Marmo Meccanica edge polishers, a company with which he also has a special relationship.

In December, the Stone Equipment International team (including Faye, Andy’s wife) is travelling to Ancona, where Marmo Meccanica is based, for more training to ensure Stone Equipment International continues to give the best support and service to the hundreds of Marmo Meccanica customers in the UK and Ireland.

Stone Equipment International has invested in a new, more informative website highlighting Marmo Meccanicas and showing all the optional extras offered on the company’s edge polishers.

Stone Equipment International will also be focusing on Elephant cranes and suction pads and Italian Top Class (ITC) bench saws. ITC is another company where Andy has a long-term (30-year) friendship with the main directors.

Andy will also continue to help stone companies sell their unwanted or part-exchanged machines. After 30 years of selling stone machinery he says he is the “go to guy with the knowledge and experience to gain the correct market value for used and unwanted machinery”.

He adds: “I am extremely well known and proactive in this market. We don’t just simply place our clients’ machinery on our website. With 30 years’ experience and many friends in the trade, we never fail to find a buyer.”

Andy with Rita from MarmoMeccanica
Andy Bell from the UK company Stone Equipment International with Rita Alessandroni from Marmo Meccanica at Marmo+Mac in Verona this year. Andy says customers are buying top-of-the-range edge polishers as they find it hard to recruit people for hand finishing.​​​​​

Marmo Meccanica edge polisher

Marmo Meccanica edge polisher