Toolmaker Vetro introduces new saw blades as it heads for Verona

New Swift and Ace bridge saw blades from Vetro
The new Swift and Ace bridge saw blades from Vetro.

The ever-changing market in recent years has presented challenges for the stone industry as a whole, and being able to adapt to the unstable economic conditions has become necessary for Vetro Tooling, in Basildon, Essex, to keep its customers running without disruptions to their tooling requirements.

Vetro has been working closely with its suppliers and developing its own systems to prevent disruptions to supply.

Vetro is continually evolving and improving its stone tooling with products like the new range of Cosentino-approved Ace tooling. This includes bridge saw blades and drills.

Another new addition is the Swift bridge saw blade range. With its fast cutting speed and high quality finish, Swift is perfect for granite, quartzite and engineered stone. It became an instant customer favourite in field trials.

Vetro says it has had nothing but good feedback on testing both these two new ranges, and that’s what it strives to achieve over its whole range of tooling.

The new ranges sit alongside current customer favourites such as K-Line, Vetro’s premium range of CNC tooling.

Looking ahead, Vetro has some major projects in the pipeline, including website development and a new tooling catalogue.

The in-house office and marketing team has expanded significantly in the past few years and is working hard to bring these new ideas to life in the near future.

With the disruption to supply chains lately, Vetro’s workshop has become more valuable than ever. Being able to create bespoke tooling in-house and making technical adjustments to tooling based on customer specific requirements with just a few days’ lead time is id an attractive service for customers.

Because Vetro is not just a re-seller. Its workshop engineers have years of experience in the design and engineering behind the tooling for the industry, and Vetro’s research and development department is always advancing the limits of what tooling can achieve.

The company’s re-dressing of diamond tooling has also become what is known for, in both the glass and stone industries, and this service has become increasingly popular. Vetro has had to add to its in-house CNC machines over the past couple of years to keep up with the growing demand without compromising the fast turnaround time it has become famous for.

As well as the tools, Vetro sells Denver stoneworking machinery in Ireland, both north and south of the border.

Following Brexit, it has worked closely with its Irish customers to make the Brexit transition as easy for them as possible. Its sales and engineering team spend a lot of time in Ireland – for sales, consultancy and back-up services.

Whatever Irish companies want – be it tooling, machinery or engineering – Vetro is working hard to maintain the level of customer service its customers have come to expect and which Vetro accepts they deserve.

Vetro will have representatives on the Denver stand at the Marmo+Mac exhibition in Verona, Italy, 27-30 September.

Vetro says Denver has some inspiring Stone machinery and is excelling in technological advances. At Marmo+Mac, among the machine Denver is showing are the Quota Stone 3350 CNC, the new four-axes Action Monobloc Saw, and the five-axes all-purpose CNC/saw, Formula Lab. The machines on the stand will be performing simulations and Denver says it would be delighted to give readers a demonstration in Verona.

Formula Elite
From Denver, the Formula Elite. Vetro Tooling will be at Marmo+Mac in Verona this month in support of Denver, whose machines Vetro sells in Ireland.