After Trondheim success European Stone Festival moves to Lincoln

The European Stone Carving Festival is returning to the UK this year (21-23 June) to be held at the Castle in Lincoln. The last time it was in England was at Canterbury Cathedral in 2003.

The Festival has become a major part of stonemasonry’s calendar since it was inaugurated by Freiburg Technical College for Stonemasonry & Stone Carving in Germany in 1999.

The college still organises the event, but does so each year in co-operation with a different partner in Europe. This year it went to Trondheim, Norway, where it was hosted by the Nidaros Cathedral Works Organisation. The masons were given soapstone to carve, which was novel for most of them.

There were fewer than usual British masons and carvers at the event, although British carver Pippa Unwin did get third prize for her carving, called ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

The winning work (pictured right) was a depiction of the Norse God Odin with the ravens Hugin and Munin. It was carved by Graham Wilson of Australia.

The event in Trondheim attracted 98 participants from 18 countries, who came together to create their own interpretations of this year’s theme of Fairy Tales.

The atmosphere was relaxed as the masons and apprentices from around the world enjoyed the opportunity to get to know fellow masons on both a personal and professional level.