Chinese presence at KBB goes digital to protect visitors from Coronavirus

The Chinese presence at KBB is online only to protect visitors from Coronavirus.

In order to protect visitors to the KBB exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham, 1-4 March, from the Coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese presence is being made purely digital.

KBB Event Director Mark Gordon says: "Our thoughts, wishes and support go to all colleagues and partners in China and beyond for responding to this challenging time with strength and good faith.

"In order to remain consistent with the customer experience we strive to provide at KBB Birmingham, we are working with our small percentage of Chinese-based exhibitors to close their physical space and transition to an exclusively digital pavilion.

"KBB continues to follow all safety advice and precautions as recommended by the UK's Department of Health & Social Care and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as well as the World Heath Organisation (WHO).

"Our operations teams and venue partners are working hard to ensure strong hygiene measures are in place onsite, as well as visible reminder messages and contact points for assistance, on top of measures that governments and cities are taking around screening and medical support. Additional information on the National Exhibition Centre's preventative measures can be found here."

You can visit the KBB website for the latest information on this and everything else related to the exhibition.