on form sculpture exhibition online now

We are deprived of the pleasure of seeing this year's 'on form' at Asthall Manor but the exhibits are on a re-designed 'on form' website at www.onformsculpture.co.uk.

This year's 'on form', the exclusively stone garden sculpture selling exhibition held every other year at Rosie Pearson's Asthall Manor in Oxfordshire, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. However, you can see the works that would have been on show on a relaunched website at www.onformsculpture.co.uk, where you can also see videos of some of the artists working on their creations.

Below is a selection of a few of the sculptures being exhibited this year. This is a buying exhibition and all the exhibits are for sale (some have already been sold).

Seeing the work online is not the same as being able to visit the 14 acres of gardens at Asthall Manor, not least because stone is tactile and you are encouraged to touch the exhibits to enjoy that aspect of the stone at 'on form'. Nevertheless, there are plenty of exciting forms to enjoy on the website. The few below should whet your appetite.