on form unlocked at Asthall Manor in May

The 'on form' exhibition of garden sculpture and art, all in stone, returns to Asthall Manor from 2 May and for the rest of the month.

On form, the exhibition of exclusively stone garden statuary and artwork, returns to Asthall Manor in Burford, Oxfordshire, throughout May, having been forced online only until now by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Opening Sunday 2 May,  it continues until the end of the month.

To avoid risking spreading the coronavirus, the exhibition is outside only this year in the idyllic gardens, meadows and woodlands that surround the Jacobean manor house. And to ensure there are not too many people visiting at a time, you have to book, which you can do on the 'on form' website here.

The Potting Shed cafe will be open for refreshments with seating outside.

The exhibition is usually staged every other year, 2020 being one of those years. As it could not be held at Asthall Manor last year, it is being held there now to give people a chance to experience the works in the real world, which is always preferable because stone is essentially tactile and visitors are encouraged to touch the exhibits.

If you would like to see some of the exhibits featured in the NSS report of the 2018 on form, click here