Gordon Bromley (Tropicana) will tell you how to build your business with a two-page plan – it's at the Streetwise Subbie Conference in July

The Streetwise Subbie Conference is back for its third year at the Belfry Hotel, Nottingham, on 14 July. This year the keynote speaker is Gordon Bromley, who built Tropicana fruit juices from zero to a £150million turnover company during his 13 years as CEO and is now a leading businesses guru working with other top executives. He promises to tell you how you can use a simple two-page plan to map out your own success – and achieve it!

The previous two Streetwise Subbie conferences have proved well worthwhile, from both a practical and motivational point of view.

Last year the keynote speaker was Geoff Gilbert, Head of Commercial – Infrastructure at London Underground. He has introduced a new way of working at London Underground that cuts out management and main contractors and let's the subbies get on with it. He was looking for specialist contractors to work with on an on-going basis and spoke to those interested face-to-face at the Streetwise Subbie conference. There is, of course, quite a lot of stone in London Underground's stations.

There was other practical advice on pensions, the law and, of course, getting paid what you are owed in a reasonable timescale, which is the foundation Streetwise Subbie is built upon.

Streetwise Subbie was formed four-and-a-half years ago by Barry Ashmore, himself a former subbie so he has a better idea than most what the problems faced by specialist sub-contractors are. His aim was essentially to help specialists get the money owed to them and to get a better deal from main contractors. Streetwise Subbie helps companies grow and develop with the aid of the resources and expertise it offers.

Both the two previous conferences have included speakers from companies that Streetwise Subbie has helped. These have been directors and owners of companies who have been able to accept that they could do better with a bit of help and advice and a few more resources – not always an easy step for those heading companies to take. By acting on the advice they were offered they certainly have done better.

The conference this time will offer advice and guidance on the latest developments in law and contracts you should be aware of to help you get paid more promptly and in full. There will also be advice on achieving better prices for the work you do.

Specialists who have managed to avoid the dirty tricks that main contractors have tried to play on them will share their experiences.

And, as with all such events that bring like-minded business people together, you never know who you are going to meet and what benefits that might bring.

It is said that just 1% of business people take advantage of events like this to step out of their familiar environments and seek to broaden their experiences and learn from others – but it is those from that 1% who end up running the country's largest and most successful businesses.

You can book a place on the Streetwise Subbie conference by emailing charlotte@streetwisesubbie.com or by calling her on 01773 712116. It is not free (it is £175 now but goes up to £250 if you leave it until July to book – you can claim the price against tax). You have to book a place.

The Conference takes place at The Belfry Hotel, Nottingham NG8 6PY, near to junction 26 on the M1 on Tuesday 14 July. Registration is at 8.30am, there will be a break for lunch (provided) and the event aims to wind up at 3pm.