Have a glass of wine at Marmo+Mac in Verona

The Geometric Wave Wine Bar in the Italian Stone Theatre at the Marmo+Mac stone exhibition in Verona this month (26-29 September).

The Italian Stone Theatre in Hall 1 of the Marmo+Mac stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, this month (26-29 September) has become a regular feature of the show. It displays finished items of stonework along with videos and information boards of how they were created using the latest technology. It is always interesting to take a look round. And this year you can stop off there for a glass of wine, cup of coffee or Marmito, the cocktail created in 2016 in honour of Marmo+Mac by the Bartenders Academy of Verona. They will be served up at the Geometric Wave Wine Bar, itself an exhibit curated by Giorgio Canale. It takes its inspiration from stone processing itself, where slabs resemble each other when viewed from the edges but reveal their uniqueness on the face, slab after slab.

Geometric Wave is a free interpretation of the theme underlying The Italian Stone Theatre this year, which os water. It is characterised by a schematic wave that develops from a maxi chaise longue into a bar counter. The water-stone relationship, in this case, develops through a modular design and the wine and coffe served there. The concept seeks to develop complex shapes and imposing dimensions while reducing the cutting effort and simplifying transport and assembly operations for the individual elements making up the whole.

Seats, desks, bar counters, shelves, partitions, barbecues… Geometric Wave can be interpreted for any kind of urban, public and private furnishing.

Pictured below is The Italian Stone Theatre at Marmo+Mac last year.