Include your work in the second carving exhibition with the Masons' Livery Company

This is part of last year's exhibition of stone carving at Gallery Different, organised in conjunction with the Masons livery company.

The second of what it is hoped will be an annual exhibition of stone sculpture instigated by the Masons' Livery Company at Gallery Different, a contemporary fine art gallery in the heart of the West End of London, is planned for 16-22 November.

If you would like your work to be considered for inclusion, click here to download an entry form for making a submission. Or please forward if you know someone else you think would be interested.

Once completed, the Artist Information Form should be returned directly to Karina Phillips at

Deadline for registering interest in exhibiting is 31 July. Submission of up to three works must be received by 30 September. The selection process to choose the works to include in the exhibition will take place in the first week of October and artists will be notified of artworks accepted by 14 October.
The Event will last longer this year than it did last year, covering the whole of the week starting Monday 16 November. To ensure the continued success of the event the aim is to offer a good range of work to suit all tastes, which is why the Masons Livery Company is keen to attract more artists this year.
So far 11 formal submissions have been made - and they have all set a high standard to build upon.

All the artwork will be included in an online exhibition with certain works selected for inclusion in the exhibition at Gallery Different itself. 

All the work, in the gallery and online, must be available to purchase and you have to provide what is called an 'artist price' for your work. This is the minimum amount you wish to receive from the sale of your piece. In most cases a 50% margin will be added to this to provide a sale price. The Gallery is not taking a commission for itself and all the margin will be donated to the Livery Company's Masons’ Craft Fund for its charitable purposes.

The aim of the exhibition is to represent a full range of work by masons and carvers, encompassing memorial work, lettering and contemporary artwork, whether figurative or abstract. Artists are encouraged to submit whatever they would like to exhibit and not restrict themselves to one genre.

The inaugural exhibition last year, organised then as now in conjunction with the Masons' Livery Company (the Worshipful Company of Masons) saw fine examples of work by stonemasons and stone carvers. It was a great success, seeing many of the exhibits sold and raising significant funds for the Masons' Craft Fund.

Even though this year certain provisions might have to be put in place to comply with social distancing and masking guidelines of Covid-19, the exhibition will go ahead, supported by a virtual and digital marketing plan.


A CONTEMPORARY FINE ART GALLERY, 14 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR

In the heart of Fitzrovia, Gallery Different presents contemporary painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography and mixed media from British and international artists. As well as presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions and events, Different collaborates with other galleries worldwide to promote and curate exhibitions for its artists.

Opening hours currently are:  Monday-Sunday 11am-4pm with a late night opening on Thursdays of 6-9pm.

Below. Josephine Crosland working on one of her contributions to last year's inaugural exhibition at Gallery Different. The other pictures above are contributions from Tom Nicholls (the horse's head) and Thomas Brown (River God).