Lettering Arts Trust exhibition to be held in Winchester

The Lettering Arts Trust will present its latest exhibition entitled 'The Nereids’ from 22 February to 23 April at West Downs Gallery, Winchester. The exhibition depicts 27 benign, mythical nymphs of Ancient Greece who represented the sea’s rich abundance and protected sailors and fishermen. Each Nereid is a personification of a particular attribute of the sea.  They have been interpreted by some of the foremost contemporary lettering artists working in the UK. These intriguing artworks rendered in different media illustrate the specialist skill of calligraphy, etching, letterpress and hand letter carving.

Among the lettering artists contributing work to this show are Alan Kitching, Nina Bilbey, Annet Stirling, Cherrell Avery, Charlotte Howarth, Peter Furlonger and Sue Hufton – to name but a few.  This exhibition also provides an opportunity for some up-and-coming lettering artists to show their skills. This next generation is influenced by its forebears but is bringing a new, contemporary sensibility to lettering art. 

The Nereids at the West Downs Gallery include ‘Doris’ who represents the sea’s bounty; ‘Doto’ who gave safe passage to sailors; ‘Glauke’ of the ‘blue-grey’ waters; ‘Menippe’ denoting horses manes as breaking waves. Each unique artwork is for sale, with prices ranging from £250 to £2,500. 

On 6 March at 6pm, there will be a special lecture called: Thetis and her sisters: Nereids in Greek myth and thought, by Dr Polly Stoker, who leads the BA (Hons) programme in Classical Studies at the University of Winchester. The talk will examine how the Nereids played an important role in Greek myth and thought and were a popular subject for ancient authors and artists. It is one of the events hosted by the University of Winchester to mark International Women's Day 2024.  Tickets are available to book via Eventbrite at https://Nereids.eventbrite.co.uk

Karoline Newman, exhibition curator and a Trustee of The Lettering Arts Trust said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the University of Winchester to bring the intricate work of contemporary lettering artists to new audiences. The Nereids is a touring show that engages on many levels – artistic, classical, and craft appreciation. It demonstrates that the precious craft of hand lettering and hand carving is as relevant today as it always has been – and cannot be replaced or replicated by machines.  It is really important that we conserve and sustain this important heritage craft for the future.”

Proceeds from all sales contribute to the work of the Lettering Arts Trust which supports the training of the next generation of lettering artists.

The exhibition is set to travel across the UK and any organisations or galleries interested in hosting the exhibition should contact Caroline via email: director@letteringartstrust.org.uk