Marmotec opens in Carrara, Italy, on the 21st of this month (May)

Marmotec, the two-yearly natural stone exhibition in Carrara, Italy, is on 21-24 of this month (May).

Last year, Italy exported 4.27million tonnes of stone worth nearly €2billion Euros, and increase of 2.24% by volume and 6.73% in value on 2012, as the Italians continue to add value to the stone they sell. It also imported €500million worth of stone.

Marmotec (, with its exhibitors, high number and quality of visitors and important conferences and debates, offers an opportunity to see what Italy has to offer and to understand the market trends and uses of stone.

The Innovation Corner in particular is arousing great interest. CarraraFiere set this up to promote what is new in machinery for stone quarrying and processing. Innovation will also feature in the full calendar of side events, which will involve all aspects of the stone industry, nationally and internationally.

CarraraFiere Chairman, Fabio Felici, says: "This is all very comforting to hear because it reflects the ability of companies to carry out research and innovation – a fundamental strategic choice since it leads to constant product improvement that is necessary to compete on the markets.

“What we can expect from the exhibition is top quality in terms of exhibitors and much attention from Italian and foreign operators. All is in place for an important exhibition this year, when a recovery of the most important industries is expected, starting from the building industry.

“Over recent years, which have proved difficult, companies have worked hard and invested.”

Exhibitors include an official group from the Indian state of Guyarat as well as a group of Chinese companies from the province of Yunfu with materials and technologies. There will be the official participation of Italian districts such as Verbania, Valdossola and the consortium that promotes Etna lava stone. There is also a group of companies from Massa Carrara, co-ordinated and supported by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Show includes stone from all over the world, with many new materials as well as already well known stones from countries such as France, Iran, Germany, Egypt, China, Greece, Portugal, Belgium Vietnam, India, Pakistan… just to mention some of the most significant.

Carrara is in the district of Tuscany, with its 130 active quarries producing the famous white marble that bears the name of the town and 1,000 companies specialising in stone processing. There are also many companies involved in the production of machinery and products associated with stone processing and finishing in the region.

You can see the full programme of events on the exhibition website.