New launches at Thibaut open days 27-28 March

French machinery company Thibaut is promising two exclusive worldwide launches at the open days at its factory in Vire, Normandy, on 27 & 28 March.

Thibaut is not giving any clues about what the machinery is, but you can find out during the open days. If you would like to go, email Thibaut at

As well as the machinery, you can enjoy wine tasting and 'surprise activties', so make a break of it and have fun. In the region you can also visit the D-Day beaches, the Bayeux Tapestry and the Calvados distilleries.

It is easy to get to get to Vire by air from Stansted, Southend, Belfast and Dublin or by ferry from Portsmouth or Newhaven (although you will need to hire a car in France to reach the factory). There are hotels near to Thibaut's premises.