New Stone Age exhibition at the Building Centre to celebrate the sustainability, practicality and inherent beauty of stone

The New Stone Age exhibition and events programme at The Building Centre in Store Street, London, opens on 27 February.

New Stone Age Exhibition and events programme at The Building Centre, Store Street, London 

Open from 27 Feb - 15 May 

Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm 

Saturday: 10am – 5pm 

Sponsored by International stone company Polycor

and The Stonemasonry Company

In the light of the climate crisis the materials that make up our built environment need more than ever to prove their worth. Stone has serious sustainability credentials. It can reduce a project’s embodied carbon by as much as 90% compared with typical steel or concrete frames.

The Building Centre’s exhibition, The New Stone Age, will celebrate the potential and beauty of structural stone, as well as its inherent sustainability.

Curated by Amin Taha of Groupwork, Steve Webb of Webb Yates and Pierre Bidaud from The Stonemasonry Company, the exhibition is a celebration of the contemporary use of structural stone.

The curators came together as architect, engineer and craftsman to make 15 Clerkenwell Close with its limestone frame, some of it with a finish straight from the quarry, and Ionic columns where the fossilised coral, ammonite shells, quartz pockets and seams of the material remain. The building has a challenging aesthetic but is widely recognised as a new London landmark.

The exhibition is intended to broaden the discussion of stone, to acknowledge past architectural achievements and introduce a new generation of architects to a material that can be used to push the boundaries of what is possible. The exhibition features the work of a range of eminent international designers.

The associated events programme will explore the challenges and opportunities of designing in stone.

The exhibition certainly seems to be getting the stone message out to a wioder audience. Read what The Guardian had to say about it here.