Shaping a Sustainable Future with stone – 22 & 23 February 2022

Stone Digital – Shaping a Sustainable Future will be hosted by professional broadcaster and sustainability commentator Susannah Streeter (BBC Breakfast News).

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With the COP26 climate summit under way in Glasgow, the world’s attention has been turned to climate change, carbon reduction and sustainability. That ought to be good news for the natural stone industry as the supplier of one of the most sustainable, lowest carbon construction products there is.

On 22 & 23 February next year, Stone Digital is bringing the industry together to explore the possibilities and opportunities as we help the government achieve its Net Zero targets.

Natural dimensional stone already plays a major part in construction as walling and cladding, roofing, paving and other hard landscaping, worktops, vanity units, floors and wall linings, furniture and sculpture. It’s use for new build as well as renovation work has grown significantly since the turn of the millennium as its natural aesthetic has become increasingly appreciated.

Part of the attraction has resulted from the development and modernisation of the stone industry in the UK and around the world, with increasingly sophisticated machinery, communications and collaboration. There has been – and continues to be – an explosion of innovations and ideas.

Just how much the industry is changing can be lost in the day-to-day battle to keep up. But if the Covid-19 lockdowns taught us anything, it was the benefit of stepping back and taking a look at what we are doing and what we need to be doing to face the future.

That is the aim of the two-day online Stone Digital seminar Shaping a Sustainable Future.

This is a new, high-level online event for the stone industry to discuss topics such as how to meet and benefit from the requirements of Net Zero carbon emissions and the continuing evolution of the digitalisation of construction.

The industry is undoubtedly changing at a rapid pace. Taking time to understand and explore those changes and the opportunities they bring will help companies identify paths to future prosperity.

Stone Digital – Shaping a Sustainable Future is presented by the organisers of the Natural Stone Show & Hard Surfaces, which will be back on their two-yearly schedule in ExCeL London 18-20 April 2023, and Stone Federation Great Britain.

The event will be anchored by professional broadcaster and sustainability commentator Susannah Streeter (BBC Breakfast News).

As the Stone / Hard Surfaces exhibitions are not being held next year, there are also opportunities for companies to sponsor this event online.

Sponsorship will give you access to online attendees, an interactive virtual booth with live text and video chat on the conference days, a shop window to the industry from 7 February to 30 April, preview coverage in media partner Natural Stone Specialist magazine and on the website and social media platforms, a presence on the Stone Digital e-newsletter and a listing on

For details, email [email protected] or call Charlotte or Anna on 0115 945 4376. A dedicated account manager will be available to assist you with your content and any other queries you may have.

Jane Buxey, CEO of Stone Federation, says: “Stone Federation are delighted to be supporting Stone Digital. We encourage all those in the natural stone sector to take advantage of the opportunities that Stone Digital will provide.”

Richard Bradbury, Managing Director of QMJ Group, which runs the stone exhibitions in London, says: “Decarbonisation and digitalisation will transform the stone industry over the next decade. Join us at Stone Digital in February to explore the opportunities these changes bring.”

If you’d like to contribute to the Conference programme, submit your idea for a paper for consideration at or call Richard or Eric on 0115 945 3889.

Themes of Stone Digital –Shaping a Sustainable Future

  • Sustainability – in it together: The benefits of a collaborative approach to whole-life sustainable construction.
  • Sustainability in planning – the beauty of better buildings: Making the most of changes to the planning framework.
  • Sustainability through retrofit: Re-purposing existing buildings rather than demolishing and rebuilding.
  • Responsible sourcing – tackling modern slavery & supply chain management: Kicking out exploitation.
  • Innovation for sustainable design – developments in how stone is used: Post-tensioning, lightweight frames, offsite manufacture can all help make stone more attractive to developers.
  • Innovation for sustainable design – back to basics: Re-thinking how stone is used to cut carbon and costs.
  • The Digitalisation of stone: When it comes to computers don’t blink, or you’ll miss the next breakthrough.
  • The right stone for the job: All stone is good stone as long as it is used properly. So make sure you get the right stone for the job.