The future of stone in architecture

Hear about the future of stone in architecture during the Marmomacc stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, 28 September - 1 October.

The Future of Design: Materials, Sustainability and Context. That is the title of a seminar during the Marmomacc stone exhibition in Verona, Italy (28 September-1 October). The seminar is on Thursday, 29 September, 3-5pm in the Forum Area of Hall 1 known as The Italian Stone Theatre.

The seminar is being presented in collaboration with Architectural Record, the international architecture publication.

It will be moderated by Cathleen McGuigan, the magazine's editor-in-chief. A panel will consist of: Duncan Swinhoe, Managing Director of Gensler, London; Shawn Duffy, Managing Principal of KPF, London; Richard Olcott, Design Partner with Ennead, New York City.

These renowned architects have been invited to discuss current trends in architecture, in particular construction methods, sustainability and strategies to adapt projects to local contexts and conditions. Naturally, natural stone will feature prominently in the discussion.

After presenting representative works from each firm to illustrate future directions in their work, the guest speakers will consider trends in architectural design. Those attending the seminar will be encouraged to be active participants in this dialogue.

Through this event, Marmomacc hopes to strengthen its mission of promoting the use of the stone in design and architectural applications in Italy and abroad. This approach is reflected in Marmomacc’s main message for 2016: Yes, With Stone You Can.