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Health, Safety, Ethical & Environmental

The latest news from the Stone Industry

Cwt y Bugail quarry

Breedon has been fined £300,000 for dangerous blasting at Cwt y Bugail slate quarry in Wales.

Breedon Trading Ltd has been fined £300,000 for safety breaches after fly rock from a blast at the Cwt-y-Bugail slate quarry in Wales put workers lives at risk.One quarry operative had to run...
After Turrini

Turrini Claudio Italian water recycling is one of the systems cleaning up the stone industry.

The more machines you have the more water you need, which is why companies all over the UK are upgrading their water recycling systems. Perhaps it was improving work environments to make them...
Quarry company Leiths (Scotland) Ltd, which bought the Fyfe Glenrock natural stone business in 2017, has been fined £130,000 following the death of a man in one of its quarries. Inverness...
Steve Walley with children in Budhpura

London Stone Director Steve Walley pre-Covid with some of the children that the No Child Left Behind campaign has helped in Budhpura, a region of Rajasthan in India that supplies the UK with many of its cobblestones. Steve is asking for other stone companies and landscapers to help with the campaign.

21 October 2021 | Health, Safety, Ethical & Environmental | 1 Comment
The No Child Left Behind campaign is aiming to get children out of quarries in India and into school. Landscaping product company London Stone has thrown its weight behind the campaign and Director...
Marshalls: End Modern Slavery

The End Modern Slavery message is carried on the livery of the 350 or so lorries in the Marshalls fleet and on the jackets of drivers, along with the Modern Slavery helpline phone number (0800 121 700), although concerns about modern slavery can also be filed online at

Elaine Mitchel-Hill (pictured above) describes herself as “a bit of a human rights geek”. She is the Business & Human Rights Director of Marshalls, a role that influences every aspect...
Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Construction company fined £40,000 with £3,919 costs after seven workers suffered from hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

A company that had seven cases of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) identified among its workers after it had contracted a new occupational health provider has been fined £40,000 and ordered...
NHE workplace posters

Some of the latest workplace posters from National Health England.

New posters for businesses to display to remind staff and customers of continuing covid precautions they should take have been published by National Health England.Now that the government has lifted...
Masks on construction sites

CLC Site operating Procedures will be out of date from Monday (19 July) but are still available for those who want to follow them.

Photo: ©

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) issued a statement on 15 July regarding its Site Operating Procedures and the government's lifting of Covid-19 restrictions from 19 July. The full...
PPE for all workers

In future, companies will have to provide appropriate PPE for all 'workers', not just direct employees.

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Following a High Court ruling, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is intending to make changes to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (PPER). They will mean a company...
worker deaths 2021

A quarter of all the people who die at work are in the construction industry, says this year's report from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

There were 142 people killed at work in Great Britain in the year to March 2021, 29 more than the year before, with construction the largest single contributor to that toll. The number of fatal...
Climate change

The government is calling on firms, including SMEs, to sign up to its Net Zero carbon commitment. It might save the planet and it could be good for business.

Photo ©Lakhesis |

The government is calling on firms, including SMEs, to sign up to its Net Zero carbon commitment. It might save the planet and it could be good for business. Sign up to the Net Zero commitment...
Child labour in a quarry

There are 160million children in forced labour around the world, say the ILO and UNICEF. Marshalls CEO Martyn Coffey says companies have to help end it. Photo: ILO/UNICEF

Child labour is increasing again after 20 years of declining. According to a new report called Child Labour: Global estimates 2020, trends and the road forward by the International Labour...
HSE Covid inspections video

HSE has produced a video about the inspections it is carrying out to make sure workplaces are Covid-safe.

With Covid restrictions gradually being lifted, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is reminding companies of their responsibility to keep employees and customers safe.And HSE says its inspectors...
HSE back to work video

HSE has posted a video about the spot checks it will be carrying out on companies as the Covid restrictions are lifted. Watch it here.

With the Covid restrictions being lifted, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is reminding companies of their responsibility to keep employees and customers safe. And HSE says its inspectors...
Epiroc’s Scooptram ST14 Battery underground loader

Epiroc’s Scooptram ST14 Battery underground loader is among the machines that will be used in the Nexgem Sims project.

Swedish mining equipment company Epiroc has embarked on a €16million EU-funded project in collaboration with mining companies, equipment and system manufacturers and universities to develop a...