Check out attitudes towards health & safety in your firm – free webinars

If you employ people you presumably already know you have a legal duty to assess their working conditions and protect them from harm*.

People you employ also have a responsibility for their own health & safety.

It should add up to a culture of working safely and healthily throughout the workplace because that is everybody's aim.

But it doesn't always work that way.

And when it goes wrong it can be expensive. Fines are high these days. There are usually also prosecution expenses to pay. In the worst cases directors and managers can go to prison.

And 'where there's blame there's a claim'. If an employee gets hurt and the employer gets the blame, there's usually compensation to be paid. That will be covered by your insurance but you will forever afterwards be paying higher insurance premiums. 

So the Health & Safety Executive has produced an online 'Safety Climate Tool' that you can use to check your own attitude towards health and safety and the attitude of those you work with.

It has been carefully designed by scientists to assess the attitudes of individuals in an organisation.

The Safety Climate Tool delivers an objective measure of your safety culture - the way things are done at your company.

This is a significant starting point for any organisation to improve and raise standards continually.

This simple online questionnaire guarantees anonymity, so there is no advantage in trying to cheat.

Once the survey has been completed by everyone, the Safety Climate Tool generates a comprehensive report that identifies any disparity between management attitudes and those of others in the firm as well as providing guidance that will help improve an organisation's safety culture.

If you want to find out more about 'safety culture' there is a video on You Tube that explains it. If you want a free demonstration to find out how the Safety Climate Tool could benefit your business contact [email protected] or call 0333 202 5070. Or there are two free webinars coming up that you can register to participate in.

To book a place on the webinars (it is free), click on the dates and times of them below:

Thursday 26 March at 3pm

Wednesday 15 April at 10.30am

The Safety Climate Tool

  • The results can be used to support ISO45001 accreditation
  • It is available in over 45 languages
  • It can be customised to include an organisation's logo, include a personalised introduction, include the most appropriate demographic responses and tailor the terminology used in the core statements to your industry
  • Data can be benchmarked against industry standards
  • It automatically analyses the responses and generates a valuable summary report
  • It examines employee and management results for comparison
  • It creates bespoke reports of your chosen demographics to highlight key priorities
  • It provides suggestions for next steps and recommendations how to address issues
  • It can be used at any time from your own secure web account, making the process simple, quick and convenient

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The Safety Climate Tool is not free. The price to use it goes up with the number of people involved, starting at £850 (plus VAT) for a firm with up to 50 employees. 

(*The legal duty to assess working conditions and protect workers comes under the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974.)