More companies join the Ethical Stone Register

Two more major stone companies join the Ethical Stone Register.

The Ethical Stone Register continues to welcome more natural stone companies as specifiers and clients increasingly look for ethical assurances about the materials they select for their projects.

Developed in response to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the issues of sourcing materials responsibly, the Ethical Stone Register allows stone companies, whatever their size, to offer responsible and manageable ethical sourcing credentials to their clients.

The latest two companies to complete the independently verified criteria for inclusion on the Register successfully are the family-run businesses of Lovell Stone Group and Stone Age Ltd. 

Lovell Stone Group is a major Southern England quarry company based on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, with its own stone importing buisness called Belvedere Stone, and New Stone Age is an international stone supplier with premises in London, Hertfordshire and Bristol.

Steve Turner, the Managing Director of stone supplier and Ethical Stone Register member Amarestone, says of ethical trading and modern slavery: “It has become an issue that must not be ignored and will trigger even greater demand for ethically and responsibly sourced stone.

"Major players in the construction industry will want to avoid the potential embarrassment of unsavoury practices in their supply chain. The Ethical Stone Register will be the safe source for natural stone and I can foresee that it will become a key resource for the specifier.”