New from HSE: Controlling Exposure To Stone Dust

Controlling exposure to stone dust

The new publication from HSE on controlling exposure to stone dust in the workplace.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has published a new 48-page, A4 size information booklet called Controlling exposure to stone dust.

It carries the same reference number, HSG201, as Controlling exposure to stonemasonry dust: Guidance for Employers published in 2001, which it replaces.

You can buy it online here at a price of £18. It should be essential reading for anyone processing natural or engineered stone, especially materials with a high crystalline silica content such as granite, slate, sandstone, engineered quartz and porcelain.

It has been produced with contributions from the stoneworking industry and includes the HSE’s latest updated guidance relating to the risks from exposure to stone dust and the measures required to control them.