Return to work safely with this check list from Stone Federation

Stone Federation presents a list of resources you should check out before returning to work.

In response to the Prime Minister's announcement last Sunday outlining a return to work and the follow-up 50-page document published on Monday, Stone Federation Great Britain has published a short list of links to information essential to help you get back to work safely.

Here's Your Resource Checklist:

If you need financial support, the government has created the Coronavrus Support Finder, which will help you find the support targeted to your circumstances, whether you run a company or and self-employed.

There is also help to try to avoid insolvency for businesses in trouble coming soon from the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Bill, currently making fast-track progress through Parliament. More on that when it becomes law. 

You might want to start by watching the 7-minute video on Safe working during COVID-19 below or on YouTube. This video has been produced by construction firm Morrisroe and is promoted by the Construction Leadership Council as a useful resource for the whole industry.

Site Operating Procedures (Version 4) - This is the go-to document from the Construction Leadership Council for use by companies working onsite.

Working safely during coronavirus (Covid-19) in construction and other outdoor work - This is a government addition to the Site Operating Procedures (above) and intended to be read in conjunction with them. You should also download a poster to be signed by management and displayed onsite showing the site conforms to the requirements, which are legally enforceable. The Health & Safety Executive has been given additional funding to ensure workplaces are operating without risking the spread of Covid-19.

Working safely during Covid-19 in factories, plants and warehouses - This is similar to the construction and outdoor work guide above but for working indoors. Once again you can download a poster to display in your premises to show you are aware of the rules and are abiding by them.

Working safely during Covid-19 in other people’s homes - Like the two above, this is a guide to working safely in people's homes. Download a poster here.

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak - This document from the Health & Safety Executive explains the simple steps you can take to help manage the risks associated with Covid-19 while continuing to run your business.

Toolbox Talk: Talking with your workers about preventing Coronavirus - This guide from the Health & Safety Executive is aimed at all employers. It explains how you can talk to your workers about avoidng the risk of spreading the coronavirus Covid-19 in your workplace.