Masons choose dust extraction

With the Health, Safety, Ethical & Environmental Executive clamping down on working conditions in masonry companies it is not only Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) solutions that are being sought, but also dust solutions.

Silicon dust from working marble and sandstone is said to cause a condition called Silicosis and any dust is an irritant. It is up to employers to protect their employees from it.

The solution for Essex-based Abbey Memorials has been to install two Polytex extraction units from J B Thorne, the dust extraction company.

Abbey Memorials use a lot of Carrara for the memorials they make and wanted to cut down the dust from three cutting booths and a blasting cabinet.

Polytex units draw the dust along ducts and trap it in a filter bag system outside the work area.

In a multiple installation like this covering several work areas, units can be switched on individually as required, bringing energy efficiency.