Another good year for Albion as London remains buoyant

It was another good year for Portland limestone mine and quarry company Albion Stone PLC with pre-tax profits of more than £500,000 on sales up a little at £4.6million in the year to March.

The main market for Albion’s stone is London, which has remained buoyant and is expected to stay that way for at least the next two years, says the company in its annual report published this month (October).

The report states that the company has continued to expand capacity and improve efficiency through the purchase of new saws for the factory and additional plant for the mine and quarry.

Albion also reports that it has secured additional reserves of stone through the extension of mining permission at Jordans Quarry and that it has applied for a further extension. It says it has also applied for an extension of the Bowers mining permission and alterations to the Stonehills permission.

It had achieved the BSI 14001 Environmental Management System and was close to achieving the BES 6001 Environment and Sustainability Standard.