Antolini introduces A Zerobact to prevent mould and germs

Antolini, one of Italy’s major stone suppliers, has introduced a proprietary treatment for natural stone it calls A Zerobact. It says it is ‘bacteriostatic’, preventing the growth of bacteria and mould without the regular use of harsh chemicals.

Antolini will show the treatment at Marmomacc in Verona, Italy, in September (24-27 September). It says its treatment supports a healthy lifestyle without the regular application of harsh, unnatural chemicals. 

It describes the treatment as a “process based on ionization” that “does not affect the sensory experience of an Antolini piece because the treatment seeps in without altering the colors and properties of the natural stone”.

Antolini says with A Zerobact it introduces a new dimension to the experience of natural stone – peace of mind. 

Launching A Zerobact, Antolini CEO Alberto Antolini, said: “Our passion is to leverage the world’s most advanced science to strengthen, accentuate and perfect the best mother nature has to offer and today we evolve that purpose for the future, as an Antolini piece can be equipped with the utmost security for health and happiness.

“The character of an Antolini piece, its natural and ancient beauty, remains. With a unique formula exclusive to Antolini, A zerobact innovates and protects without infringing on artistry.”

The product is certified with 

  • US EPA Certification

  • EU Certification for Food Contact Safety

  • NSF Certification for Food Contact Safety