Antolini opens new concept ‘Stoneroom’ in Milan

Antolini, the Italian stone supplier that specialises in the exotic and colourful, has opened a new concept showroom in Milan, Italy. 

It is called Stoneroom, and seeing it encourages you to wax as lyrically as Antolini when it describes its latest showroom as a place where “marbles, crystals, quartzites and precious stones become the players in a refined game of lights and shadows, reflections and colours, for a multisensory experience hovering between dreams and reality”. (Well, they are Italians).

The opening of the Stoneroom was timed to coincide with FuoriSalone 2021 of Milan Design Week earlier this month, when the capital city of Lombardy becomes an international showcase for the non plus ultra of interior design, innovation and creativity.

Antolini took part by opening the doors of its Stoneroom and inviting visitors into a world in which the possibilities of natural stone in all its variety and applications are offered to architects, designers and visitors from around the world.

Located between Piazza Fontana and Via San Clemente at an historic crossroads in the centre of Milan, eight display windows elicit ‘WOW’ moments, encouraging visitors to step inside and take a closer look.

Co-author of the Stoneroom with the Antolini family is interior designer Alessandro La Spada, who has developed the forceful, original context to fill the 600m2 display area.

Architectural elements, layouts, displays and an effective retail concept are intended to leave the visitor in no doubt about Antolini’s leadership in stone, in Italy and worldwide, and its use of sustainable and innovative industrial processes, research and development of avant-garde technologies, fine craftsmanship, a tradition of selection and crafting of natural stones, and the ongoing pursuit of beauty.

There are 1,300 natural materials presented in 5,000 Atolini formats - such as the Exclusive Collection, Textures+, the Natura Collection, Precioustone, Gemstone, Shellstone, Perception and Couture series - all luxuriating in unapologetic splendour.

Stoneroom 1