Bloom Stones London: London’s newest wholesaler offers a unique range

In the past two years, Bloom Stones London has grown by 50% a year, establishing its name not just in London, but as a national supplier of a range of top quality natural and engineered stone.

Bloom Stones London was established as a subsidiary of an Indian stone company three years ago and in the past two years has grown so quickly it has now taken the opportunity of an adjoining warehouse becoming vacant to double its stockholding capacity.

Its location south of the Thames in Belvedere gives it ready access to central London, which has, of course, led the growth as Bloom Stones has increased its impact on the richest and busiest market in the UK.

But it is not only in London that Bloom Stones is making a name for itself. Its warehouse is inside the M25, but it has easy acess to the motorway network that puts the whole of the UK within a three-day range of its own fleet of four delivery vehicles or the contract vehicles it uses for deliveries as demand necessitates.

“We wanted to do it step by step, but we have achieved a lot in a very short space of time and we’re now ready to expand,” says Adam Reuvany, who is heading the UK business.

The parent company in India gives Bloom Stones in the UK the ability to punch way above its weight. The buying power behind it enables it to be competitive, even at the top of the market with its range of exotics, some of which are only available from Bloom Stones and have been sourced specifically for the British market. “That’s what we specialise in,” says Adam. “We try to introduce new materials. We want to be trend setters, especially by introducing more exotics, as well as supplying all the materials our customers are already familiar with and frequently ask for.”

He praises his suppliers for enabling him to do that and thanks them for the support they have given him – support that has allowed Bloom Stones London to be developed from its modest beginnings three years ago.

“They trusted us and worked with us. It’s important. It’s not just about money, it’s about relationships. It’s the same for us with our customers.”

Adam’s latest search for new materials was at Coverings in America in May, where he was looking for more ranges of exotic granites, from Brazil in particular.

Bloom Stones likes natural stone because it is environmentally and ecologically friendly, with a low carbon footprint even when it comes from India or Brazil because of its low energy production and because it is transported on boats that use small quantities of fuel per tonne of cargo.

Most of Bloom Stones’ sales are of natural stone although, of course, there is a demand for engineered quartz and so that customers can buy all their materials from one source, Bloom Stones does sell quartz. It has created its own range by selecting materials from various manufacturers and sells them as an own-branded collection.

This year, Bloom Stones London also plans to expand into porcelain / sintered stone and is already at an advanced stage of negotiations with a supplier.

It is all about offering a good choice of materials at all price points to satisfy the widest audience.

“Exotics are for more up-market projects,” says Adam, “but some of the materials we have are far more modestly priced. We offer a range from the low end to the high end. The whole idea is to serve the industry. We have pricing structures to meet all needs.”

But, he says, whatever the price, the quality of the materials being sold by Bloom Stones London is never compromised.

Neither is the service. Adam knows the market wants top quality materials guaranteed and reliably delivered.

Bloom Stones currently holds 6,500 slabs in stock at any one time. And now it has the additional warehousing space in an adjoining unit, will be increasing that. It is all bar coded for easy catalogueing and can be seen online at with slab dimensions included.

The company has also always tried to create a demand pull-through for its materials by working with designers and retail studios. “To get specified is a great boost,” says Adam. Merchandisers are available for showrooms and studios that want to display the Bloom Stones range.

And if you would like to see the product range from Bloom Stones and meet its personnel, you will be able to do so at the Natural Stone Show in ExCeL London 30 April-2 May next year, where Bloom Stones London will be among the exhibitors.

Visit the website at the address below to see the range of stones available from Bloom Stones.