'Bouncer' will help put the spring back into the step of Australian animals rescued from the fires

Matt Spearing (left), co-owner of Stoneworx, and general manager Charlie Davison with 'Bouncer' the Silestone Kangaroo at the silent auction in The George.

Wanting to help the animals rescued from the fires raging across Australia, stone company Stoneworx in Ropley, Hampshire, made a Silestone Kangaroo to auction in a local pub in order to raise money to send as a donation.

Nickamed ‘Bouncer’, the life-size kangaroo was crafted from two slabs of Silestone Altair, donated by Cosentino UK.

Stoneworx found a DXF file of a kangaroo online, which they bought and used on their Intermac Primus 322 waterjet to make ‘Bouncer’. They took their work along to The George at Alton, where it was sold in a silent auction that raised £1,000 for the Wires animal rescue charity and the New South Wales firefighters.