Burlington adds Manx Pooil Vaaish to its American exports

From the Pooil Vash website

Pooil Vaaish, a dark, dense limestone from the Isle of Man is to be exported to America.

The stone from the Pooil Vaaish quarry on the Scarlett peninsula is to join the portfolio of natural stone that Burlington, the Cumbrian stone company, sells in the USA. Burlington is one of the few quarrying companies in the UK that consistently markets its stones abroad.

In a reciprocal arrangement, Pooil Vaaish becomes the sole agent for Burlington's stones, including roofing slates from Cumbria, on the Isle of Man.

The deal was reported on 14 March on the Isle of Man Today website. The report says samples of the stone have met with much interest by the American stone industry and architects in both New York and Texas. Apparently the stone is already being presented to clients.

Pooil Vaaish Managing Director Rosie Glassey is reported as saying: "I’m delighted that one of our island’s beautiful natural resources is beginning to gain great recognition internationally.

"It has long been used in palaces, cathedrals and stately homes in the UK, and we’re now excited about this expansion across the Atlantic. The international appeal of the stone really is huge."

First quarried more than 400 years ago, Pooil Vaaish stone can now be seen alongside Burlington's stone at the Pooil Vaaish showroom in Castletown on the Isle of Man and at its factory in Ballasalla.

Below: The Monument in London, where the viewing platform is Pooil Vaaish sitting on top of a column of Portland limestone.

The Monument, where the viewing platform is Pooil Vash.