Clipsham Bidwells block stone now available from Stamford Stone

Blocks of Bidwells Clipsham stone are now available from Stamford Stone.

Stamford Stone is now extracting block stone again from the Clipsham Bidwells Quarry it bought in 2018. It was formerly also known as the Daveport Handley Quarry and Bullimores Quarry.

It has taken a while to complete the planning permission and extend the quarry into a further 41 acres to access an estimated 500,000 tonnes of Clipsham masonry block stone, which Stamford Stone will extract over the next 12 years.

In order to preserve the block stone, blasting at the quarry has ceased under Stamford Stone’s ownership and blocks are now sawn from the face. Squared blocks of 3-8 tonnes with bed heights of up to 800mm are available.

Premium masonry block stone continues to be available from Stamford Stone’s Clipsham Medwell Quarry in blocks of 3-10 tonnes with bed heights up to a metre.

Stone from the Clipsham Medwell and Bidwells Quarries is also available as scants and sawn six sides. Test data are available on request for stone from both quarries.