Cosentino expands online design visualiser features

Cosentino, the globally operating Spanish company best known for Silestone quartz and the new Dekton sintered surface, has expanded its tools to help customers visualise its products in lifelike conditions.

Cosentino 3D Home is for use with iPads only while HD Home Viewer is a multi-platform product for use on any mobile phone, tablet or PC.

The new programmes allow users to see the entire range of Silestone, Dekton, Eco by Cosentino and Sensa by Cosentino products in room settings from different angles and under varying lighting conditions.

High-resolution images allow customers to change the surfaces to whichever of the Cosentino products they want to experiment with.

These simulators quickly combine colours and furniture finishes, countertops, floors, tiling, and other elements to the room’s architecture and design.

The catalogue for both the iPad specific and general platforms includes the complete Cosentino Bath Collection catalogue.

Users can navigate through these areas and experiment with designs by customising countertops, floors, wall coverings and furniture.

You can change the edge profiles on the kitchen countertops and choose from seven different shower trays and 10 sinks to customise the bathrooms. You can even see what Dekton looks like as exterior cladding.

Designs can be saved in a library where they can be edited later or shared on social networks.

The iPad App can be downloaded from the App Store and the general platform version is at and all the Cosentino websites.