Fox Marble factory visited by Kosovo PM

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramish Haradinaj (in the middle) is shown round the Fox Marble factory by Jon Mitchell (in the foreground), a former British diplomat, a geology expert and now a senior executive at Fox Marble.

Fox Marble, the British-registered stone company that extracts and processes marbles from the Balkans, was visited at its factory in Kosovo yesterday (24 January) by the country's Prime Minister, Ramish Haradinaj.

Fox Marble was established in 2011 to sell the region's marbles to the world as part of the rebuilding of Kosovo after the Balkans wars of the 1990s.

It was listed on the London Stock Exchange in order to establish it as a legitimate trading partner internationally and is currently the only British-registered company operating in Kosovo.

Today, 95% of Fox Marble's stone is exported from the factory in Kosovo where it is sawn and polished. Much of it goes to the Far East, where luxury building is booming, but it has also been used in the UK and USA and in other international markets.

A visit by the Kosovan Prime Minister to the company's extensive factory in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, was a big event for Fox Marble. Ramish Haradinaj encouraged and supported the enterprise in a speech he made during the visit. He said Fox Marble PLC was helping the country's balance of trade by exporting its products. He affirmed his government would support, encourage and protect foreign investment in Kosovo.