Hard landscaping : New Pavetuff

Natural Paving Products (UK) Ltd has started the New Year by launching a new Pavetuf Jointing Compound that requires no mixing and has to be laid on wet paving, which is bonus for rainy UK and means it can be applied as soon as the paving is laid. Application is simple as no mixing is required. The compound should be poured directly over soaked paving and then worked into the joints using a stiff brush. Once applied, paving can be ready to walk on in as little as 18 to 24 hours. Pavetuf Jointing Compound comes in 15kg tubs (covering about 7m2) that can be

re-sealed to allow the compound to be used on several areas without curing. Available in black, grey and buff, it is suitable for use with most paving types, although not block paving.