Hardscape introduces ‘Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions’

Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions from Hardscape
Hardscape is helping integrate existing infrastructure for use by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles kept safely separated with its new 'Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions'.

During the pandemic more people have taken to cycling and walking and, in response, the government has fast-tracked statutory guidance to local authorities saying they should reallocate road space to these activities. The aim is to provide a safer way for all age groups to use healthier methods of transportation.

Hardscape has made its own rapid response to the move and introduced a range of what it calls ‘Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions’ – kerbs designed to create environments that integrate cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles safely.

The new range continues Hardscape’s tradition of introducing inspirational, innovative products from around the globe, giving landscape architects and specifiers quality and function in a range of natural and man-made materials.

The range includes kerbs with various slopes, end styles, widths, depths, gradients, and radii, in natural stone (granite), concrete, and Kellen Lavaro (concrete that has exposed stones in its surface).

The future of inclusive infrastructure solutions

Hardscape says the extensive research, detailed specification, and implementation of its new range of Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions reflects the company’s DNA, with its commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

It sees these products as the natural next step in external space design, engineering and planning, creating an urban environment that all users can share equitably and safely.

Paving the way with Dutch-inspired policy and design

During the past half-century the Dutch have mastered the art of creating an environment that safely integrates cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles. And one of the strategies used is logical, coherent kerb systems for actively segregating each group.

Hardscape has worked with Dutch suppliers for more than 20 years, and is now using its knowledge and distribution networks to bring this innovative new product range of kerbs to the UK.

There are options for just about every conceivable project, offering optimum design for attractive infrastructure spaces that are accessible for all.

“We are introducing these products to the UK with the support and impetus of the UK government’s wellbeing principles and directives,” says Hardscape MD Mathew Haslam. “We hope to inspire the next generation of connected towns and cities that are brave in specification and designed to bring a long-lasting benefit for us all.”

The natural granite products use an inherently low carbon natural material, but the concrete products also have a reduced carbon content thanks to the use of Cero geopolymer, which claims to cut the carbon impact by up to 50% compared with cement.

For more about the still expanding range of Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions visit: hardscape.co.uk

Hardscape kerbs in its Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions range
Hardscape kerbs in its Inclusive Infrastructure Solutions range