Laticrete supports mosaic ‘craftivist’ Carrie Reichardt

The Nuart Aberdeen festival of street art returned for its second annual presentation last month (April) with one of its artists, Carrie Reichardt, in collaboration with manufacturing giant Laticrete.

The company that makes adhesives and grouts sponsors the mosaic artist, an activist whose work is motivated by a drive to challenge injustices in the world. Laticrete provides the materials that allow her to continue creating her masterpieces.

The Laticrete materials she uses are Platinum 254 adhesive, a high strength, polymer fortified thin-set adhesive for interior and exterior use with natural stone, ceramic and porcelain, quarry tile, pavers and glass; and Spectra-Lock PRO Premium Grout.

Carrie discovered Laticrete at a British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) conference when a Laticrete representative gave a talk about the company’s products – specifically how they are ideal for mosaics.

Carrie says: “My work needs to be durable and not crack as a lot of it stays outside. As an artist, the most important thing to me is the colour. I only use black grout and the fantastic thing about Laticrete is that the colour doesn’t fade.”

Steve Ball, Laticrete Commercial Director, says: “Leaving the political work to Carrie in the statements she makes, there is a certain confidence required in the installation products to ensure they are not only fit for purpose, but exceed the requirements expected of them.

“The designs Carrie produces look amazing and the last thing she needs is to be let down by the finishing components to the masterpieces, thus making Laticrete an ideal fit for the intricate work that Carrie undertakes.

“Laticrete is really proud to endorse the pieces that Carrie produces and looks forward to working with her on her next project.”