Machinery : Zambelis to distribute Terzago

D Zambelis, the Essex machinery, tools and consumables company, is now selling Terzago saws in the UK and Ireland.

Terzago is one of the World’s best known and most respected names in stone saws and those saws along with all the spares for them are now being sold by Essex company D Zambelis.

In its 108-year history, the Italian Terzago company has sold more than 15,000 machines around the world. In the UK and Ireland there are about 400 of them in use in the stone industry today and it is a testament to their longevity that some of them are pretty old.

To keep them going, the companies using them need spares, but since the death in 2010 of Cesare Lopez, of A J Lopez & Co, who represented Terzago in the British Isles for decades, some customers had found it difficult to buy spares and new saws.

Respecting the ability of D Zambelis to solve problems, stone companies which wanted to buy new Terzago saws or spares for their existing saws had been increasingly contacting the Essex machinery company. At the Marmomacc stone exhibition in Verona last year, Stella Zambelis mentioned this to Terzago and told the company’s directors that they were missing out on sales.

The upshot is that D Zambelis has now become the Terzago agent for the UK and Ireland. And with Philip Collins, the engineer previously responsible for all spares and installations at A J Lopez, now working in association with D Zambelis, the new agents will have no trouble installing and maintaining the machines for their customers.

Stella Zambelis says there was such a pent up demand for Terzago bridge saws that she already had five quotes out for Terzagos the week before she officially took on the agency this month (July).

D Zambelis is already the agent for the Gisbert range of Spanish machines that includes bridge saws and there will be some competition between the two brands. But the budget priced Gisberts and top-end Terzagos generally appeal to different kinds of processors (especially at the big, primary saw level) and Zambelis felt it was missing out by not being able to offer a sophisticated range of Italian saws to that part of the market that demands a higher specification machine. So when it was offered the marque it was delighted to take it. And anyone who saw the new Terzago CUTe 36 monoblock at Marmomacc last year will understand the Zambelis enthusiasm to represent the range.

The CUTe is a versatile four-axes CNC monoblock saw with interpolation on the X and Y strokes, head rotation of 360º and tilt of 90º. Carrying a disc of up to 625mm, it has an X axis cut of 3.6m and 360mm on the Y axis to a depth of up to 200mm. The 15HP head motor has an inverter (maximum 6,000rpm) to enable it to use a range of saws and tools, as well as saving energy. All the motors on the machine are brushless with digital drives and there is touchscreen control.

The CUTe is a more compact complement to the Easy 625 bridge saw. The CUTe is 5.2m x 2.8m x 3m while the Easy is 6m x 3.5m x 3m. The larger dimensions give the Easy 625 extra capacity on the Y axis, which can cut up to 1950mm, and add a tonne to its weight (5.5tonnes).