New York skyscraper gets Lapitec entrance hall

Lapitec Bianco Polare in a Satin finish in the entrance hall of a New York skyscraper.

Lapitec Bianco Polare in a Satin finish has been used on the entrance hall of a skyscraper in New york.

The luxurious building in the heart of the Big Apple, a stone’s throw from Times Square, is home to managerial and professional offices as well as being the headquarters of various fashion brands.

Overseen by New York’s Fogarty Finger studio, the entrance hall project exemplifies the design possibilities offered by full body sintered stone and the impressive potential of large-format materials.

The Lapitec has been used to cover the reception area's walls and the sides of the large desk. But it is in the lining of the lobby's central area, where the lift compartments are located, that the designers have managed to achieve the neatest and most refined aesthetic.

This result was possible thanks to the use of entire Lapitec slabs, fixing them to the walls with an adhesive and then using anchor mechanical fixings to secure them. The result is a vertical surface with extraordinary visual uniformity and stylistic homogeneity that’s over 5m high.

In addition, the corners in the space have been chamfered and rounded by hand, creating soft curves. This original technique was previously only possible with natural stone.

Specialist dexterity was united with the material’s technical qualities for a high-impact look, where the soft touch of Lapitec slabs is in perfect harmony with the surrounding space.

The Satin finish chosen is notable for its natural shine and subdued light reflection. Likewise, the Bianco Polare colour creates a luminous ambiance with its delicate, almost diaphanous nuances integrated with the veining of Carrara marble.

Taken as a whole, the chromatic uniformity between the Lapitec slabs transforms the surfaces into soberly elegant monochromatic colour fields.

Lapitec is sold in the UK by The Marble & Granite Centre.