Polycor complete acquisition of Rocamat

Massangis quarry in Burgundy

The Polycor Group, which operate more than 80 quarries and 24 processing plants across the US, Canada and France, have completed their acquisition of French company Rocamat, known for their limestone.

Founded in 1853, Rocamat employ 160 people and operate 30 quarries and four processing plants in France, supplying natural stone for major construction companies, public works and historical monuments in France and overseas. 

The takeover proposal was announced in February this year (read about that here). Polycor have been a minority shareholder in Rocamat since 2018, operating four of Rocamat's quarries. Their markets include the UK and Polycor are a member of Stone Federation Great Britain. 

On the acquisition, Polycor's president and chief executive officer, Patrick Perus, said: "We are delighted to welcome Rocamat into the Polycor family. They are an esteemed flagship of our industry whose stones grace some of the most prestigious buildings in the world. 

"Acquiring Rocamat not only allows us to inherit the exceptional expertise and know-how of its employees but also bolsters our mission of restoring natural stone to its former glory, which is the driving force behind everything we do."

The takeover is being heralded as paving the way for more sustainable construction in France with Polycor using the acquisition to collaborate with French group Verrecchia.

Verrecchia have more than 30 years' experience in new build cut stone construction, establishing themselves in France as prominent developers committed to environmentally friendly, mixed-use construction.

Patrick Perus: “The buildings of the future demand a departure from short-lived and environmentally harmful materials, prioritising the longevity of infrastructures. Natural stone, owing to its exceptional durability and low carbon footprint, rightfully emerges as a central component in eco-conscious and sustainable construction – an area where Verrecchia have already established a strong presence.”