Stone Italiana launches pre-consumer recycled content Cosmolite

Stone Italiana has launched a new product called Cosmolite made from inert pre-consumer recycled minerals. Picture here is Cosmo, one of 10 colourways in three ranges in Cosmolite.

Quartz company Stone Italiana has launched a new range called Cosmolite made from inert pre-consumer recycled minerals. Stone Italiana products are available in the UK from Italian Luxury Surfaces.

Cosmolite has the technical performance that comes with all Stone Italiana products: it is easy to clean and is resistant to scratches, stains and heat up to 180degC. Certification includes LEED v4, Grennguard Gold, NSF 51 Food Contact and low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. It can be used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, stairs, interior cladding and the like.

There are 10 Cosmolite products, grouped into three ranges intended to reflect the sophisticated beauty and non-conformity of nature.


A soft, modern edge to the look of terrazzo. Gently curved larger fragments and delicate swirls are silhouetted in a complementary ground colour with an overall grain. Visually dramatic and appealing, the three colourways in the Cosmo range are:

  • Cosmo - bold black and white
  • Mint - soft green and sand
  • Astro - achingly modern grey and black


A monochrome option with a subtle grainy pattern. Multiple tones, small inclusions and flecks combine to produce an understated contemporarily rustic style that. The four colourways are:

  • Meteor Ice - light grey and white
  • Meteor Cold - soft mushroom and earthy tones
  • Meteor Light - mid grey and cream
  • Meteor Dark - black with white fleck


Variation in composition and colouration characterise the three colourways of the Planet range. The understated cream, grey and black colourways all include swirls in multiple shades of grey veining in a delicately grained ground. The soothing palette of the three Planet options will work in any location. The three colourways are:

  • White Planet – cream and pale grey
  • Black Planet – black and dark grey
  • Grey Planet – dark grey and pale grey

Cosmolite is created in the same way as any engineered quartz using a polymeric binder. The inert materials are 100% recycled pre-consumer minerals other than quartz and part of the polymeric binder is plant-based. Stone Italiana's other products use recycled industrial solid waste such as glass and mirror as well as quartz.

Italian Luxury Surfaces is the official UK distributor for Stone Italiana, Wodiam tooling and Mondial Granite. The family-run business supplies quartz, composite stones and natural stones to the fabrication and design sectors. The ethos of Italian Luxury Surfaces has always been to select high-quality blocks from around the world and process them into finished slabs using the latest technology.