Stonehealth launches new version of its superheated water cleaning system

Conservation and restoration specialist Stonehealth has launched an upgraded version of its superheated water cleaning system.

The Gloucestershire company has launched the Doff III – a new and improved, even safer and more sustainable version model of the machine favoured by architects, specifiers and cleaning industry professionals in the UK and worldwide. 

Four years and a six figure sum have been invested in the development of the new machine, which is based on customer feedback from the previous (and continuing) incarnation, the Doff Integra.
The Doff III has an improved, lighter, fully integrated pump requiring 50 per cent less power usage, a remote power control, an electronic temperature control system to reduce water consumption, and increased maximum hose length of 45 metres, while still achieving a steam heat of 150 degrees C at the end of the nozzle.

Stonehealth, which is based in Cam, near Dursley, is now targeting overall sales growth of more than 30 per cent in 2024. At the same time the company has appointed Angela Southern as business development director.

“We’re delighted with the new machine,” said Brian Crowe, executive chairman and founder of Stonehealth, “and we’re looking forward to introducing it to the market. Over the past 30 years we’ve earned a status as leaders in our field and we’ve got a catalogue of projects, from cathedrals to historic landmarks, to make us proud of what we’ve achieved. However we are always looking to improve what we do, to make our machines even easier to use and more economical. The original Doff went to market over 20 years ago and the principles have remained the same since then. But like the Integra was, the Doff III is a significant upgrade on its predecessor, and we’ll continue to innovate and create new features as time progresses.

“We care about the preservation of historic buildings and so it is important that contractors using our systems are properly trained in the right techniques and maintenance. So we have revised our Rosette accreditation system, which ensures that a community of approved contractors are available to architects and specifiers looking for best in class operators.

“We know that there are many other applications for this technology, in a variety of scenarios outside the preservation and cleaning of masonry. The possibilities for this company are endless, so we’re ready to get moving.”