Technistone issue statement on engineered stone

Peter Davies, UK managing director of Technistone has released a statement announcing "we would like to inform you that Technistone will not supply materials to stonemasons who do not cut engineered stone slabs using underwater cutting techniques. This decision is made in line with our commitment to safety standards within the industry."

The company founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic became part of the American manufacturer Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces in 2019 and is known for its high-quality quartz. This announcement follows ongoing concern (and subsequent ban on engineered stone in Australia and restrictions in the US) regarding the process of manufacturing materials with silica and its impact on human health.

"Silica is present in many types of natural stone (granite, sandstone, diorite, quartzite, etc.), bricks, and ceramics. We want to stress that health risks arise only in situations where the clear, well-publicised rules for working safely with such materials are not respected," the statement reads.

Technistone stress that it provides basic rules for working with its materials including cutting and polishing materials under water, installing ventilating and vacuuming systems, testing and filtering the air, and using appropriate respiratory protection equipment. Stickers with a QR code are also affixed to individual slabs and offer guidance in several languages, product safety sheets, manuals for handling materials, educational videos and targeted communications on digital platforms. 

The statement concludes: "If you distribute our product onward to other fabricators, always give them complete information about it, including the rules for working safely with our product. Only together can we ensure that the beauty of engineered stone continues to please our customers and that this quality product reliably serves millions of consumers around the world."