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The Amastone family (left to right) Giuseppe Divita and his sons Marco and Carlo., the e-commerce website specialising in tools and equipment for the stone industry, already receives more orders from the UK than from any market outside Italy. Now it is upping its focus on Britain.

Amastone is owned by the Italian company MMG Service Srl, which sells used and reconditioned stone machinery. MMG was founded in 2007 by Giuseppe Divita, who has more than 30 years’ production management experience in the stone industry. His son, Marco, joined him in the business in 2012 and in 2017 they launched a website to sell the machinery ( and two Amastone websites to sell all the products that those buying the machines might use in their workshops. One is exclusively for the Italian market and trades internationally.

The point of the expansion into tools and equipment was to even out the peaks and troughs of the machinery sales. As Marco says, if someone buys a machine they might not need another for several years. Supplying goods needed regularly keeps Amastone in touch with customers as well as opening communication channels to a lot of other companies. 

Marco says: “Our mission at Amastone is to assist stone workers and craftsmen around the world by guiding them through the various stages of choosing, purchasing and using the products available through our website.

“Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive knowledge of the stone industry by working closely with our customers. We wish to share this experience to help them find the right products at the right prices.”

The Amastone catalogue includes thousands of items for the processing of marble and granite.

Its diamond tools, consumables, accessories and spare parts are supplied by some of the industry’s leading brands, both from Italy and other countries. Marco says 99% of the goods weigh less than 150kg and are normally dispatched directly from the manufacturer to the UK by air and then on to the customer by courier, generally taking no more than three days and often less.

Although you can complete the purchase on the website once you have registered, by using the Personal Shopper Service you can contact Amastone through its online chat system, by email or by phone and the dedicated team will help you with your order.

One competitor Amastone does not have is Amazon. Marco says you will not find any of the products it sells on Amazon.

Although Amastone receives most international orders from the UK, it’s biggest revenue earner is the USA because American companies are generally larger than British companies and buy more in each order. Amastone also has customers in Australia, Bahrain, Argentina, Pakistan and elsewhere.