Screed with integral curer is a game-changer

Longcliffe Quarries has developed Longfloor IntegraCure – a screed with an integral curer.

Limestone company Longcliffe says it has developed what it describes as a game-changing development in the way liquid screeds are applied.

In conjunction with one of its global additive partners it has developed Longfloor IntegraCure, which contains an  integral curing agent, saving a significant amount of time in the drying process and making it easier to lay a perfect screed.

Horizontally laid self-compacting concretes, introduced some 20 years ago, and cementitious flowing screeds, added more recently, have all needed a spray-applied curing agent. 

The curing agent is required to stop the screed drying out too quickly, which can result in shrinkage cracking.

The curing agent has to be the correct one for the product and application, using the right standard of application equipment and ensuring the correct dosage is applied. When these criteria are inadequately adhered to, the floor can fail.

Following extensive research and development and adapting technology from self-levelling underlayments (SLUs), IntegraCure reduces the possibility of getting it wrong by adding the curing agent at the manufacturing stage in Longcliffe, Derbyshire.

The addition of IntegraCure does not change any of the other features of the Longfloor product – it is still quick and easy to install, with almost all materials bonding easily to the finished screed. But while Longfloor has always been a fast curing screed, it is now even quicker, curing more than three times faster than some screeds.