Stone Equipment International launches

Stone Equipment International (National Masonry), which has created a significant business for itself in refurbished machinery sales as well as selling new Marmo Meccanica edge polishers and Emmedue CNC machinery in the UK, is expanding its online presence with a new website called

The company’s well established website, will still host information about the company’s new machines and other products but, as the name suggests, the new website will be dedicated to people who want to sell used equipment, of whatever make it may be.

It is designed to be quick and user friendly, so once the machine details are entered by the seller, Stone Equipment International will give a quick turn-around for a price and sale.

Videos and images can be uploaded of the machines, if the sellers wish, and the website  offers either an outright purchase or to act as a broker and sell the machine through the website on a seller’s behalf.

Andy Bell, the Proprietor of Stone Equipment International, says: “We have created a digital shop window for sellers that facilitates a quick and easy sale to free up space for a new machine in their premises, while also providing a platform for buyers to search specifically for what they are interested in. This saves everyone time and money and makes the whole process smoother and more productive.

"We feel that we have put solutions in place to keep our business stable in the Brexit transition period, with our aim being to move more equipment nationally. We can cater for all budgets and brands and enjoy great customer retention from companies that may come to us for a used machine when they first start out and upgrade their equipment with a part exchange with us as their business develops.

"We are fortunate enough to have the full support of our suppliers EmmeDue and Marmo Meccanica and we have no doubt that these brands will continue to be popular despite restrictions that may be imposed on our exit from Europe."