30% off major new book on stone conservation

Published this month (September), Historic Construction and Conservation - Materials, Systems and Damage (ISBN 978-0-367-14574-3) has 30% off until the end of October only.

A new book called Historic Construction and Conservation - Materials, Systems and Damage (ISBN 978-0-367-14574-3) explores in its 324 pages with more than 700 illustrations fundamental questions of heritage buildings such as what is worth preserving, how it can be preserved and why it is important to preserve it. 

The hard-back book is priced at £70 but is available until the end of October for £49 using the promtional code HCC30*. Click here to buy online from the publishers, Routledge.

The book is a result of the authors’ involvement in the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments & Historical Constructions (SAHC) that has 400 alumni from 70 countries and has received the highest recognition of the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award.

The authors are Pere Roca, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain; Paulo B Lourenço, University of Minho, Portugal; Angelo Gaetani, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. They bring together unique expertise with high level research and case histories from around the world.

This book takes a modern approach to the meaning of a heritage structure and its conservation. 

The historical evolution of conservation is briefly addressed, considering prominent individuals and cases, along with the history of construction, focusing on materials and related structural elements, with an insight on the sizing rules adopted by masons. This explains structural decisions made during the construction process and allows comparison of scientific theories from the 18th century to the modern understanding of limit analysis.

Damage and collapse mechanisms for masonry construction (as the most widespread structural form for historical buildings) is described. For example, excess permanent loading and settlement is differentiated from environmental and anthropogenic actions (such as earthquakes and damaging human intervention).

The book will be of value to students and professionals in civil engineering and architecture, as well as those carrying out conservation work, archaeologists and art historians.

Table of Contents:

  1. Modern understanding of conservation and of heritage structures
  2. History of conservation
  3. Construction materials and main structural elements
  4. Vaulted structures in history and modern structural solutions
  5. Ancient sizing rules and limit analysis of masonry arches
  6. Damage and collapse mechanisms in masonry buildings

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