Stone Projects: stoneCIRCLE gives Harrods a marble makeover

  • Client: Harrods
  • Designer: GA Group
  • Contractor: Jaysam
  • Stone Contractor: stoneCIRCLE

Following a commission to supply and install a marble staircase for the Fine Watch Room at London’s world famous Harrods store (a project that was highly commended in the 2018 Natural Stone Awards) stoneCIRCLE was asked to work on the refitting of the Harrods Beauty Hall.

The designers, G A Group, wanted to create a modern interpretation of a ‘Great House’, or stately home, from a bygone era when service was personal and every need was catered for. The intention was to create a sanctuary to escape from the stress and pace of city life; a haven for pleasure and relaxation.

What could achieve such aims better than marble? So the project has made substantial use of luxurious marbles throughout.

The Cipollino Cremo Tirreno and Crema Marfil staircase in the Fine Watch Room that gained recognition in the Natural Stone Awards 2018.

The work was carried out in two phases, with the marble prepared in stoneCIRCLE’s workshops in Basingstoke.

In the first, which opened in June last year, stoneCIRCLE installed Golden Spider, Aramis White, Giallo Siena, Rosa Portugallo and Carrara marble floors.

On sections of the floor around columns, Golden Spider and Giallo Sienna marble were laid in an acanthus pattern, cut to accuracies of a fraction of a millimetre on a waterjet, to reflect the acanthus motif on the columns.

The walls are clad in Calacatta Lincoln and the columns in travertine. Furniture and counters were made by stoneCIRCLE in White Estremoz and Rosa Tea marbles and White Onyx.

A staircase linking the hall to the Beauty Services Suite below has Golden Spider marble treads and risers with a curved string course.

The second phase was the White Hall. Here stoneCIRCLE installed approximately 900m2 of terrazzo flooring in white, beige and grey with brass trim. They also made counters in Breccia Capraia marble and used Calacatta Lincoln marble wall cladding for the walls and 12 columns.

All the materials were sourced in Italy and inspected there by the client team accompanied by Steve Vanhinsbergh, one of stoneCIRCLE’s directors, before they were shipped, with stoneCIRCLE making full use of its sophisticated Slabsmith system to match the marble veins for the walls, columns and counters to achieve the perfect result.

Below. Golden Spider and Giallo Siena marbles cut on the stoneCIRCLE waterjet.