Stone in the landscape: THE WEMBLEY PARK PROJECT

Wembley Park London

Wembley Park used a lot of Marshalls natural stone and other hard landscaping, but now Marshalls warns landscaping revenue has fallen 21% so far this year.

The Wembley Park project is a multi-billion-pound redevelopment by Quintain of the 85-acre Wembley Park estate.

Leading landscaping product supplier Marshalls’ engagement started as long ago as 2006, working with the appointed ‘landscape guardian’ and designer Kirk Nelson from LDA Design.

Being involved early on enabled Marshalls to advise on product selection, costs and sourcing for a site-wide design code developed and adopted by Brent Council and Highways. From this, specifications were generated for the liveable streets, residential plots and public squares, gardens, and parks.

Marshalls was appointed as a ‘key supplier’ by Quintain in 2017, actively working with the developer, its designers, delivery contractors, and sub-contractors to fully map and understand each plot of the project in detail.

Dixon Jones worked with Marshalls’ design experts on the product selection during the design phase and wanted to use granite paving flexibly, which is uncommon in the UK. In Olympic Way, the main artery through the development, Marshalls’ Elara granite was sawn but laid unbound. The sides of the sawn granite were sandblasted to improve its adherence to jointing sand. This looks good, performs well and is quick and easy to maintain.

Following a successful trial, Marshalls supplied Tarvos Granite, Tegula Pennant Grey, Conservation X Kerb and Birco 100 Channel Drainage for the entire length of Olympic Way.

At the end of Olympic Way new steps were installed as the main approach to the National Stadium, with elevators for accessibility. Quintain brought together designer Dixon Jones, contractor VolkerFitzpatrick, Belgian precaster Decomo and Marshalls to contribute to the final design, supply, offsite manufacture and installation of the steps. Marshalls’ Callisto silver grey and Prospero mid grey granites were selected for the steps and landing areas.

A number of architects had a hand in the different landscaping pockets of Wembley Park and though each is individualistic, these plots always referred to the Marshalls pallet of paving and were reviewed by the landscape architect guardians, LDA Design, to ensure overall cohesion.

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Olympic Way

Olympic Way with steps leading up to the National Stadium at the end. Pictured are Marshalls’ silver grey Tarvos setts, grey Tegula Pennant, grey Birco100 drainage channels and silver grey Conservation X kerbs, step treads and risers.

Wembley steps