Latest Dekton has the industrial look of aged steel

This is the latest Dekton design from Cosentino. It is called Trilium.

The latest design in Dekton, Cosentino’s ultra-compact sintered surface, is Trilium, which has a look of aged steel.

It is also the first product in the Dekton range to incorporate recycled materials.

Cosentino describes Trilium as “a mix of volcanic shades with intense grey, brown and black tones with light-dark contrasts offering extreme realism”.

The metallic matt finish looks as if it might be textured but is in fact unexpectedly smooth to the touch, yet edgy enough to cater for projects that require that industrial aesthetic.

Part of the Tech Collection, the use of recycled products in Dekton Trilium enables Cosentino to promote its long-standing commitment to sustainability.

The recycled materials are from the Dekton production process itself, so Trilium maintains the key features of Dekton (which is formed, like natural stone itself, under conditions of extreme heat and pressure) while also representing important eco-friendly values.

And, of course, like the rest of the Tech collection (Keranium, Kadum, Strato, Keon and, also new for 2016, Blanc Concrete), Trilium offers architects a modern and functional product that is strong, highly scratch and stain resistant, UV fast, and easy to maintain in service.

Although in the UK most Dekton is used for work surfaces, Cosentino promote it for both indoor and outdoor use and say it can be used as flooring, façades and wall lining as well as worktops.