Stone walls on the wall in 2021

The Dry Stone Walling Association calendar this year focuses on the wildlife for which the walling provides shelter and highway.

The Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) has once again produced an A4 size wall calendar for the year ahead. They are £7 each. To go to the DSWA shop to buy one, click here

The shop also has some other gift items that would make unusual and thoughtful Christmas presents. 

Dry stone walls are not just bondaries used by people, they have an important role as homes and corridors for wildlife, animal and vegetable, and the pictures in the calendar this year show some of the plants and animals that are benefitting from the walls as well as the beauty of the walling work.   

The DSWA is dedicated to promoting the craft, heritage and conservation of dry stone walling, which has many regional styles depending on the stones available in different parts of the country.

The organisation runs events to promote walling as well as conducting training for all skill levels. It produces a register of its professional members each year to help those wanting walls built or repaired to find the skills they need to have the work carried out.

Dry stone walling has been identified as one of the heritage skills in danger of being lost, but the craft is in a lot healthier state these days than it was 25 years ago, thanks in no small measure to the Dry Stoner Walling Association.